Modular Building Valuations and Surveys

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We provide independent valuations and surveys for all types of modular buildings.

Our independent survey services includes:

  • Assessment of existing modular building(s)

  • Insurance valuations

  • Conditional survey reports

  • Report on the range of available options following the appraisal that best meets your requirements and strategy

  • Industry and product knowledge for best value solutions

Information required to make an informed decision.

The value of a modular building is a complex issue where many factors have to be considered. These include suitability for use, compliance with current building regulations and overall condition.

For insurance valuations the reinstatement costs for a similar building can be used to provide a relative value. The actual replacement value of an existing modular building system would include:

  • The year of manufacture
  • The modular system manufacturer
  • Details of any existing warranties the modules may have
  • Any third party accreditations
  • Overall condition of the building

Sales values of modular buildings

When selling a modular building, the main factor to consider is how quickly is needs to be sold. Any potential buyer who is an end user will need to prepare their site including foundations as well as obtaining planning permission. If the building is to be removed and temporary stored, this adds more cost and reduces the sales value. The longer a modular building can stay on site before being moved to another site location, the greater the potential sales value.

An alternative if the building needs to be removed quickly is to sell to a modular specialist. This will provide a quick solution at a lower sales value.

Relocating an existing modular building

When a modular building is to be relocated the cost of removal will depend on the following:

  • Access for a crane and vehicles
  • The internal fit-out specifications
  • The modular building system and lifting method
  • Any alterations that were made from the when the building was installed.

Installations such as air conditioning, air source heat pumps and suspended ceilings need to be removed before the building modules can be dismantled which increases the removal costs.

Access to and from the site location may have changed since the building was installed which may prevent or restrict access for a crane and transportation to remove the modules, or for new modules being delivered if reinstatement is required.

Modular Building Consultants independent building survey and valuation service provides our clients with the information required to make an informed decision.

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