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Modular Building Valuations and Surveys

Independent valuations for all types of modular buildings

We provide independent valuations and surveys for all types of modular buildings.

We also assist with finding suitable buyers if you are selling a modular or portable building. 

Valuation and Surveys

The value of a modular building is a complex issue where many factors have to be taken into account. These include suitability for use, compliance with current building regulations and overall condition. When a building is being relocated the timescales involved can also effect the overall value.

Our independent expertise includes:

  • Assessment of existing modular building(s)
  • A full conditional survey
  • Report on the range of options following the appraisal that best meets your requirements and strategy
  • Industry and product knowledge for best value solutions

Modular Building Consultants limited independent building survey and valuation service provides our clients with the information required to make an informed decision.

For a free initial assessment please contact us.

"This project due to the Quality, Cost, Delivery & Management (Q.C.D.M) criteria could not have been delivered to the high standards by some of the other Suppliers on the original tender list. Feedback & the personal involvement from start to finish allowed this project to be success. "
John Bearby
Contract Controller. Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK Limited
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