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Building Specification

Modular Building Specifications - Designs and Layouts

A well prepared document detailing the modular building specifications will itemise your exact requirements. We work with you to create a modular building specifications that are tailored specifically to your project and to what you what to achieve. We look at maximising efficiency with good design and well planned interior layouts.

Building Specifications

Detailing the scope of works and quality, the specification document is used to check the work being completed on site and the final product being handed over. It forms a key part of the contract documentation and ensures the completed building meets your expectations.

As part of our initial discussions, we establish exactly what your requirements are and work to create a brief which explores every area of your business.

A workplace appraisal is carried out to address key areas:

  • What space is required?
  • How can you maximise communication between departments?
  • What proportion of open-plan space is appropriate versus cellular space?
  • Do you require space for future growth?
  • Wrong property decisions can result in occupying too much or too little space which is expensive.

Other points to consider when preparing modular building specifications are:

  • How long do you require the accommodation for?
  • Is it a short, medium or long term requirement? 
  • Would want an option to add additional space in the future? 

Please contact us for further details on how we can assist you.

"This project due to the Quality, Cost, Delivery & Management (Q.C.D.M) criteria could not have been delivered to the high standards by some of the other Suppliers on the original tender list. Feedback & the personal involvement from start to finish allowed this project to be success."
John Bearby
Contract Controller. Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK Limited
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