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How to Sell a Modular or Portable Building

how to sell a modular building

If you are looking to sell a modular or portable building here are a few key points that will assist you in getting the best value and help you understand the costs involved when a building is relocated.

The ideal solution to achieve the best price for a modular building is to leave it where it is currently located. There are two main reasons for this:-

1. If the building can be sold to new owners without having to relocate it there will be no removal work required (transport, cranage, labour, groundwork), resulting in substantial cost savings. If a building is removed, the cost for the removal works will be taken into account by the seller and reflected in the price offered.

2. By not moving the building, it does not need to have costly upgrades to comply with the current building regulations. Assuming the building was originally installed to the required building regulations at that time, it remains compliant as long as it is not relocated. When it is relocated to a new site it has to meet with the current building regulations for the particular type of modular building system. This can result in replacing the heating system, windows, internal layout as well as having to improve the insulation of the roof, walls and floor.

Leaving the building in its current location is rarely a viable option, the majority of modular buildings being sold do require to be removed. Any purchase price offered by a buyer will reflect the costs for relocation.

If you require to have your building sold and removed within a short timescale the value will be greatly decreased as the buyer may need to put the building into temporary storage. This will involve moving it at least twice instead of directly to its new location. Also consider that prior to a sale being completed, and depending on the location and building type, the new owner may need to have planning and building control in place which can take around 3 months.

In order to get the best price, start to market your building as early as possible. This will give more time to find a buyer who can receive the building directly without it having to go into storage. If possible look to start marketing the building around 6 to 12 months before it needs to be removed

As with selling any product, look at how the building is presented. Clearing the clutter, tidying up work stations and deep cleaning carpets will improve the overall appearance and make it more appealing to potential buyers. Also check for roof leaks and have them repaired. A small investment to get the building looking clean, tidy and watertight will increase the value.

Depending on specifications, newer modular systems will achieve greater values as they are generally in better condition and require less work to achieve compliance with the current building regulations.

The internal layout of a modular building system can have an effect on the price. Open plan layouts can achieve a higher value as less work is required to be carried out prior to removal. With more fitted out internal layout designs partition walls and plumbing items may cross over module joints and will need to dismantle and removed before each modular section can be lifted out and on to transport. Buildings with unique layouts and/or specialised equipment installed tend to have a lower value as it is difficult to find a specific buyer and the work required to alter the layout for a wider appeal may be too expensive.

Other factors that may lower the value include modular buildings located at locations with limited access will require more work to removed them safely and also what may seem like high value features in a building, for example suspended ceilings, actually reduce the value as they have to be stripped out before removal and replaced.

Where possible, when selling a modular building system seek independent advice from a company that can look after your interests.

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