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BCM Engineering

Conditional Survey and Valuation

BCM Construction is a customer focused building, civil engineering and environmental services company working on the UK rail infrastructure.

For over 25 years, BCM Construction has been providing a wide range of project delivery services to the rail industry and working with their customers to deliver a first-class service on time and on budget without comprising quality, safety or the environment.

BCM Construction was looking at the possibility of relocating an existing two storey modular office building on behalf of their client, Network Rail. A conditional survey report was required to assess the building’s overall condition and to determine its suitability to be relocated from Stockport to London.

A full survey was carried out by Modular Building Consultants and a detailed report provided. The report highlighted the construction and general condition of the modular building, any defects that needed urgent attention and whether more enquiries or investigations were needed.

BCM Engineering

Information was also provided on the requirements for the building to comply with the current building regulations and the overall cost implications of relocating it to from Stockport to London.

By looking at all aspects of relocating this modular building BCM Engineering were able to make an informed decision.

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