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CDM Regulations for Modular Buildings

What is CDM?

CDM is a set of regulations for managing the health, safety and welfare of construction projects from start to finish and defines the responsibilities according to particular roles.

Changes to the regulations were made in April 2015. CDM regulations for modular buildings now apply to all projects – installations and removals.

If you do not comply with CDM 2015, you may be failing to influence the management of health and safety on your project. This could result in construction work being stopped by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Depending on the circumstances, in the most serious breaches you can be prosecuted.

CDM Regulations for modular buildings

What you need to know as a client

As a client you have a crucial influence over how projects are run, including the management of health and safety risks, regardless of the project size.

Under CDM for modular buildings, clients are now responsible for the following:

1. Appointing the right people at the right time

If more than one contractor is involved with your project (e.g. one contractor preparing the ground works and another manufacturing and installing the modular building), you will need to appoint (in writing) a principal contractor and a principal designer.

The principal designer is required to plan, manage and coordinate the planning and design work.

The principal contractor’s role is to plan, manage and coordinate the construction work.

2. Ensuring sufficient time and resources are allocated

3. Preparing and providing the relevant information to your designer and contractor

4. Communication with your designer and building contractor to ensure they carry out their duties

5. Providing welfare facilities for all workers

Construction phase plan

Prior to work commencing, a construction phase plan must be in place. The plan is drawn up by the contractor (if only one contractor) or by the principal contractor.

They must provide a plan explaining how health and safety risks will be managed.

Notifiable projects

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) will need to be notified of the project if:

  • it is planned to last longer than 30 days and with more than 20 workers working at the same time, or
  • involving 500 person days of work

The client is responsible for advising the HSE of notifiable projects before work commences. Your contractor or designer would normally advise you on the project timescale and confirm if notification was required.

For further information about CDM regulations for modular buildings you can contact the Health and Safety Executive.

Modular Building Consultants provides independent advice for clients. For further details please contact 01908 609807 or email contact@modularbuildingconsultants.co.uk

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