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Sustainable Modular Building Systems


Sustainability is important for every business. It is now at the heart of how buildings are designed, sourced, constructed and operated.

Modular Building Consultants recent projects have incorporated technologies such as rain water harvesting, solar heating and LED lighting.

During construction, modular and off-site building systems use less energy as they are manufactured using efficient factory production methods and produce less waste. There are up to 90% fewer site deliveries with a modular system compared to a traditional building project.

A sustainable modular or off-site constructed building system does not have to mean expensive new technologies. For existing modular building systems, simple energy efficient improvements can be made that will reduce energy use and enhance the working environment.

Please contact us for further details on sustainable solutions for new and existing modular buildings.

"It has been a pleasure working with you and will be in touch should there be any similar projects in the future."
Julie Hockley
Finance and Personnel Manager, Upshire Foundation Primary School
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